The haunted Dow Hill of Kurseong! A Mysterious Hill!!! A Must Visit Place to Experience Negative Energies

India has many haunted tales in it’s stock which would make your blood run cold! All ghost fables would have one particular spot that happens to be the core of all paranormal activities. But it is a different story altogether with the hill station of Kurseong. From haunted buildings and roads, mysterious forests and sinister treks to red eyes, headless corpse and mysterious deaths – you name a paranormal scenario and Kurseong has got it! It seems more like a ghost town.

About 30 kilometers from Darjeeling is located the most haunted hill station in India, Dow Hill of Kurseong, where there is no dearth of paranormal happenings and stories. A small hill station known for its beautiful vistas, orchid gardens, forested hills, and tea plantations, Kurseong is also home to a death road, headless ghost, haunted school, and countless real ghost stories. Here we tell you a bit about a place where creepy creatures are more concentrated than in other parts of India.

Dow Hill of Kurseong – one of the most mysterious places in India

The Dow Hill is a beauty and a beast. Day or night, paranormal activities never cease here. Tourists visiting the place feast their eyes on the natural beauty of the destination, and their ears on the horror tales associated with the haunted sites abounding here.

The cursed forest and the ghost of a headless boy…

The fainthearted should certainly avoid the ‘death road,’ which lies between the Dow Hill Road and the Forest office. The local woodcutters have had a harrowing time watching the headless ghost of a young boy walking and disappearing into the forest. People have reported cases of being followed and constantly watched over by an unseen entity. Some have even seen a red eye peering at them. There is even a ghost of a woman dressed in grey. Such bad is the air of these forests that unfortunate visitors either lost their mental balance or ended up killing themselves.

Jinxed school near the forest…

Here in the woods of Dow Hill where numerous unnatural deaths seem to have taken place in the past, is situated the 100-year-old Victoria Boys High School, which are pervaded by the dark vibes of the haunted forest. The locals have heard loud whisperings and sound of footsteps when the school remains closed during the winter vacations from December to March.

So, acquaint yourself well with the eerie side of Kurseong, and steer clear of the prohibited territories after dark if you go about exploring the beauty of one of the most haunted places in India.

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