100% Working Methods to Earn Money Through Photographs

How can someone earn through Photography? Is it really possible to earn money through photographs? With Smart Phones or DSLR, it has become very easy to take smashing images. Are you a professional or take photographs for fun and snaps good photographs, then why would you not consider to monetize your images. A few of you might have considered to upload your photos to some website but must have failed to earn money through those photographs. After analyzing people who started with a motive to earn money through photographs, I found that 95% people failed to make real money. There’re several factors that impacted this.

Here in this article we’ll tell you about the tools and the ways that can increase the chances of selling your photographs online. These are the 100% working ways through which photographers are earning as high as $5000 a month by just uploading the photographs which they clicked for a fun. Without wasting your time, let’s begin with our study that can make you rich.

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Is it Really Possible to Earn Money Through Regular Photographs You Clicked?

Still wondering, if it’s really possible to sell your photos online? My answer would be straightforward and that is “YES”. There are millions of people who are selling their photographs online and it’s their only source of income. Sounds really good, isn’t it? By following your passion or just full filling your activity can make you rich.

It’s just the right guidance and knowledge which you need to make money through your clicked photographs. Millions of photographs are uploaded online but a few of them are able to make money. Yes, that’s frightening but TRUE! It’s not due to the kind of photograph which you have clicked, it’s all about the Photography SEO & Keywords used.

You must be correlating these 2 terms with websites, but it’s applicable to selling your photographs too. If no one will see your result then how would you be able to sell the photographs which you clicked. If you’ve clicked a photograph of an Apple and someone else too took the picture of Apples which was almost identical but he was able to sell more copies of this picture. What was the reason for that? Here comes into the effect called Photography SEO & Keywords used.

The reasons for his success were: presentation, tags – the most important factor as it ranks and display the picture prior to other results (higher the better), description of the image which was uploaded & editing – how well you edit your images.

We’ll talk about the tools later on. Let’s check where you can sell your pictures or images.

Websites to Sell Your Photographs

There’re plenty of websites where you can sell your images or pictures. Just to make it short, let me share those websites with price range and with a short description in a table:

WebsiteProsPrice Range
PixpaUnlimited Photos and Products,
Inventory Management, Proofing Platform,
User-Friendly, Full-Time Support
$5 to $18 a month
SmugMugUnlimited Photos storage$5 to $20 per month
Photo MerchantUnlimited Storage, Integrated Shopping Card,
Great Fulfillment Options
$9 per month
Need $19 for Domain
Exposure ManagerBuilt-In Email Marketing,
Special Packages to sell easily to customers,
Easy to create Gallery Structure
$14.99 to $24.99 per month
ZenfolioVery Affordable, Easy to Use, Great Galleries$25 per year to $250 per year
14-day free trial available
DigiLabsSoftware to manage and streamline your portfolio
and galleries, Client Creations Boxes
$40 per month OR
$150 per year
ifp3small business options, e-commerce, independence,
and style.
$30 per month OR
$2400 per year
More PhotosFlexibility, Flash and HTML5 options,
customizable, built-in marketing features to drive sales
$29 per month
Instaproofsnew ideas, new markets, brand marketing for
small businesses, creativity, added income options
for people, not-for-profits and businesses.
Printing flexibility is an asset.
Photo-sharing services for the next generation.
No setup or Monthly fees
Keeps 8-15% of the sale
as commission
ShutterflyCreativity to the max, Apps for iPhone and
iPad users, Facebook integration for personal gifts
$99 – $199 per year
PhotoBoxPhoto selling and merchandising combo in one site,
active online community, a window into the European market
No setup or Monthly fees
Keeps 10% of the sale
as commission
PhotoShelterGreat marketing guides, customer support, passion for
photography and the success of photographers’ websites.
$9.99 to $49.99 per month
PicsCliqSocial media integration, income opportunity building,
creativity, merchandising options in the wedding industry
No upfront or usage costs
Keeps commission
ZazzleEco-consciousness, art and photo-focused,
Community builders and a great concept
No upfront cost
Keeps commission
CafePressNo investment, online store set up a nominal fee,
recognized the brand, free online design abilities
if you do not have design software.
Free set up
Customization cost is as
low as $4.99 per month
15 Websites to Sell Your Photographs/Images & Earn Money

So looking at above sites we come to a point that first you’ve to invest (monthly or early) a lot prior selling your photographs. Most of these platforms are very good but almost all of them are paid platforms and they don’t even guarantee that that for sure you’ll make money. By doing a research, we’ve found that almost 99% people failed when they start this business without any knowledge. The above sites show that it’s just a piece of pie but a lot of hard work is involved to earn money through photographs.

Earn money by selling your photographs
jonas-svidras / Pixabay

After studying so many websites and put my hands on to earn money through photography found some super programs which helped me to achieve my goal of making $100 a day. Income varies from as low as $20 to as high as $240. But on average monthly I easily make $4000 after excluding the commission or free for below programs. Here’re are the programs and guides which helped me to achieve my goal to make money from my photographs.


I regret for not finding this program earlier. This stand alone program is so good that if you’re good in taking photographs then with this tool you can make tons of money. Since the trial fee is just $1 for this program therefore I would recommend everyone to give it a try once. I bet with this tool it will be much simpler to make money through your photographs.

This site helps you sell your pictures to thousands of potential buyers that need them for websites, catalogs, books, magazines, ads, and a variety of other uses.

How does it work?

Take Photos: Grab your camera & start taking photos.

Upload: Simply upload your photo to their website. They’ll give lots of modifications option.

Where Do I Work: You will work as a freelancer. Be your own boss and work when & where you want 🙂

Earning: Earnings can be countless. Majority of people earning through this platform ranges from $20 to $500 a day. It depends on how many photos you upload and quality of your images.

How to Join: CLICK HERE to Join This Amazing Program

Durability and Convenience are the features which makes Photo-Jobz stand apart from its challengers. The established guidance are quite straight forward and basic to follow. Even if you’re someone without any specialized knowledge, the product makes absolutely no difficulties to understand.

The best part is that this program is 100% Legitimate. Our recommendations would be give it a try. Click here to register for just $1. It’s a promotional offer which you’ll get if you join through this link.

Trick Photograph

The photographs which are easy to understand but not easy to take are the ones which are mostly sold. With Trick Photography you can take tricky photos easily. It has all the tips & tricks to take the photographs which are not easy to snap.

All these photos are not photo-shopped. They were taken from the camera and were uploaded to the marketplace directly. With this guide you can take mind boggling stunning pictures that people can’t resist to buy directly from you. The best part is that you don’t have to own super expensive equipment or be some kind of camera wiz to take high quality camera shots like above pictures.

With this guide, YOU CAN:

  • Take breathtaking special effects shots with just your regular camera…
  • Finally know how to create “light painting” images that are simply out of this world…
  • Improve your “regular” photography skills and take better photos immediately…


Apart from these 2 programs there’s no need to join any other program to take the membership for above sites which we discussed earlier. I can bet just with these 2 programs you’ll start earning money by just uploading the photographs to these websites. Once you master the skills then you can join other programs to increase your revenue.

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How to make money through photographs?

If you’re talking about the offline photography then the average pay scale is approx. $25000 yearly. Below are the highest paying fields for offline photography:
1. Fashion Photography
2. Wedding Photography
3. Portrait Photography
4. Corporate Photography
5. Food Photography
6. Architecture Photography
7. Film Set Photography
The scenario is completely different if you’re selling photos online. People are earning as high as $80000 monthly by selling their photos online.

Average cost of photos which are sold online?

The average cost for selling a photo online is approx. $5

Best sites where I can sell my photographs?

Top 5 websites for selling your photographs are:
1. PhotoJobz
2. Pixpa
3. SmugMug
4. Photo Merchant
5. Exposure Manager

Only photos taken from DSLR can be sold online?

Now a days the camera quality of phones are enough to take pictures which are as good as pictures taken by DSLR. It’s not necessary that only those pictures are sold which are taken from DSLR. Picture taken from any digital product like mobile phones, digital cameras etc. can be sold online.

How to take tricky photographs?

Tricky or out of the box photographs can be snapped with advance skills. There are many websites available through which you can learn these advance skills of taking photographs . The best site available is TRICK PHOTOGRAPH.